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Is This The Men's Room?

Posted by Rudy Stantz on Monday, October 15, 2012,
I have a fear of walking into the women's room by accident. Mainly because I'm afraid of what i might see. No one wants to walk in and find a women fishing for her tampon. Unless if you're into that, in which case, JACKPOT! 

Recently I walked into what I thought was a unisex bathroom and found this: 

First thought: Fuck. I'm in the women's room.

Second thought: So that's why they always go to the bathroom in two's, they don't want to feel lonely sitting there with an empty seat going un-sat. 

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I Got The Last Slice

Posted by Rudy Stantz on Monday, October 8, 2012,
I had pizza earlier this week because pizza is delicious. However, I got the last 2 slices of the pie. Which in normal situations getting the last of anything is always a good thing (e.i. the last beer in the fridge, the last condom, the last toy in the toy store on christmas eve because you didn't get the last condom). 

But getting the last slice at a pizzeria kind of sucks. And the pizza makers (the aren't really chefs because those are in the back making the spaghetti and lasagnas, so we sh...
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Lonely Restaurant Guy

Posted by Rudy Stantz on Monday, October 1, 2012,
Recently I met up with a friend at "Big Daddy Diner" in NYC (one of the best diners in the city despite the pending sanitation grade). I waited outside for a bit until I received a phone call from the person saying they were a few blocks away.  I decided to go inside and get a booth. As I sat there I realized that I have become a generic restaurant movie scene. 

Yea, "that guy." And I thought, who comes up with this idea of waiting for someone inside the restaurant? It's one of the most aw...
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