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I Hope That Blowjob Was Worth It...

Posted by Rudy Stantz on Thursday, February 14, 2013,
It's Valentine's Day. WORST FUCKING FAKE ASS HOLIDAY EVER! Seriously, Columbus Day is a close second, along with Christmas and Mother's day etc. 

This is the time you get to tell the person you're with that you love them (but not next week or the rest of the month for that matter, unless you have a birthday or anniversary coming up). But this love is going to cost you. A lot. Here's a checklist for you if you need one:

1. Reservations at a fancy restaurant - This means $$$ and up on the yelp sc...
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Headlining Eastville Comedy Club on March 5th!

Posted by Rudy Stantz on Tuesday, February 12, 2013,
It's about damn time! Here's the deal. I'll be headlining Eastville Comedy Club on March 5th. That means a whole 25-30 minutes of me just talking out of my ass about a whole lot of shit that's on my mind and maybe on your mind too but you never bring it up. 

Come catch the show, we got a great line up that night so make sure to come on time!


March 5th 2013


Eastville Comedy Club

85 E 4th Street 
New York NY 10003

Marty Archibald (Host)
Chris Castelli
Rachel Berr...

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