I had pizza earlier this week because pizza is delicious. However, I got the last 2 slices of the pie. Which in normal situations getting the last of anything is always a good thing (e.i. the last beer in the fridge, the last condom, the last toy in the toy store on christmas eve because you didn't get the last condom). 

But getting the last slice at a pizzeria kind of sucks. And the pizza makers (the aren't really chefs because those are in the back making the spaghetti and lasagnas, so we shall call these people pizza makers. Other acceptable name can be "Creators of delicious bread with sauce and melted cheese") remind you that it sucks to be the one who gets the last slice of the pie. 

Here's why: 

As you're waiting for your pizza to be reheated the pizza makers take the order of the person behind you. They order the same thing you did but there's no pizza left. But wait, "You got it buddy, got a fresh new pie right out of the oven for you." 

Well why didn't you tell me about the fresh pie that just came out of the oven? Why did you hide that from my field of view? This means that the slices I got were sitting there for however long and I'm getting old stale reheated cheese and sauce. That's bullshit. I want some of that new pizza. So I tried to cancel my order, they said no. I ate the old X:XXpm pizza anyways, it was still delicious but probably not as delicious as the new 5:34pm pizza.

But now when I go to the pizzeria and see a half served pie, I'll just linger and stare at all the choices (which are a lot, too many to list here) even though I already know what I want. I'm just going to wait for that new, straight out of the oven, pie. I'm not settling for your scraps anymore. 

Another food related thing that happened this week:

I went to Panera Bread for some chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl. They were out of bread bowls. UNACCEPTABLE! The place makes its money off the sales of bread. This is how they can afford to give away a pastry every now and then. How do you run out of your money maker? 

It's going to be 2013, do you expect me to still eat my soup out of a normal bowl? Answer: No. I expect to be able to eat my dinnerware after I finish my dinner (utensils included, however, utensils made out of bread is probably not the most effective method). So I was forced to eat my soup in traditional style. Still delicious but not a fulfilling experience.