I have a fear of walking into the women's room by accident. Mainly because I'm afraid of what i might see. No one wants to walk in and find a women fishing for her tampon. Unless if you're into that, in which case, JACKPOT! 

Recently I walked into what I thought was a unisex bathroom and found this: 

First thought: Fuck. I'm in the women's room.

Second thought: So that's why they always go to the bathroom in two's, they don't want to feel lonely sitting there with an empty seat going un-sat. 

Third thought: That is a lot of toilet paper. How dirty are these women's vaginas and buttholes? 

I walked out to check the sign but it just read, toilet (and chair). I added the (and chair) with a sharpie. I don't want other people to walk in and be just as confused as me. Does that make me a philanthropist? I like to think so. 

What is reassuring though is walking into the men's room and knowing its the men's room without even having to think about it. Like this one:


No toilet. Just urinals. A Man's Bathroom. Until the mexican food you had for lunch starts to kick in then you're screwed. But what I found interesting about this particular bathroom was the placement of their hand dryer.


Who puts the hand dryer over the mirror? And it's an Xlerator. I'm sure the people who own the place have never used one of these before because everyone knows that all it does is take the water from your hands and throw it everywhere in the surrounding area with tornado like winds. 

I attempted to use the hand dryer. What I got was a face full of hand water. Lucky for me the hand dryer was conveniently located to become a face dryer. And roller coaster simulator.