People who cause traffic. 

I was driving to the supermarket in my neighborhood and there was a protest going on fighting against a homeless shelter that is being built in the area. Now, I don't have a problem with protesters. I mean who doesn't like a good military styled chant. And if you want to waste a weekend protesting, go ahead. That's just less people crowding malls, restaurants, movie theaters, and any other indoor activities people like to do on beautiful Saturday afternoons. What I did have a problem with was where they were protesting. Which was here:

Right in the middle of a stop sign leading to a merging intersection. What the fuck, people. Now I'm bothered. You can protest all you want, about whatever you want, whenever you want but if it's going to cause bumper to bumper traffic then we have a problem. More of a problem than a homeless person. When was the last time you heard of a homeless person causing traffic asking for change? Probably never because all homeless people do is sit there, out of the way of everyone. 

So to solve this problem I did what every person does to solve a nuisance related to the issue of homeless people. I called the cops.