Welcome to "Your Commercial Sucks", the podcast where I analyze, rip apart, and make 

fun of all sorts of commercials and lose any sort of endorsement deal that is coming my way. 

New episodes every Monday! 

Send me commercials that you would like me to talk about of at RudyStantz@gmail.com 

with 'Your Commercial Sucks' in the title. 

Ep. 9 - Scion / Dave and Busters / Values

June 24, 2013
Scion proves that car advertisers are a few years behind the trend, Dave and Busters tricks us into spending 20 times the amount for an iphone game, and Values.com teaches us about patience.


Ep. 8 - V8 Fusion / Hotwire / Rock of Ages

June 17, 2013
V8 Fusion finds the muscle spasm chemical, Hotwire makes you realize you are a shitty person, and people spend their retirement money on Rock of Ages. Also, In The News: America's Black Market.

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Ep. 7 - Superman Gillette / Bitter Patrick Willis / Hopper From Dish

June 10, 2013
We find out how the Man of Steel actually shaves, find out what Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers does instead of training, and Hopper From Dish teaches you how not to get murdered by your friends.

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Ep. 6 - Coca Cola-Six Flags / Dial 7 Car and Limo / Walmart Steaks

June 3, 2013
Coca Cola tells kids to go home with people they meet at Six Flags, Dial 7 now offers karaoke cabs, Walmart does the old switcharoo to get you to stop eating at steakhouses, and I give my first good job to an advertisement. 

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Ep. 5 - Axe Space / Disaronno Bartending School / Smirnoff's Party Guest

May 27, 2013
Axe sends a monkey to space, Disaronno starts a bartending school for dummies, and Smirnoff hires a cheap party guest. 

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Ep. 4 - Pimp My Ride For White Trash / Guitar Center Guy / and More

May 20, 2013
The Travel channel brings back "Pimp My Ride" for Rednecks, I rant about my years in retail and that Chocolate milk and cheese don't mix.

Rock My RV:

Guitar Center Guy:

California Milk:

Pediasure Sidekicks:

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Ep. 3 - Ep. 3 - Mac and Cheese / KFC / Julia Roberts

May 13, 2013
Parents are oblivious to their children, Man too stupid to realize chicken didn't have bones to begin with, and Julia Roberts for perfume. 

(I know I said I couldn't find it but here it is)

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Ep. 2 - Jeff Gordan for Pepsi / Porsche / Intel Ultrabook / Redd's Apple Ale

April 29, 2013
Jeff Gordon sets Pepsi up for a lawsuit, Porsche raises psycho killers, Intel shows up how to get rid of old technology and I hope Redd's Apple Ale goes bankrupt.

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Ep. 1 - ATT / Etrade / Kia / Hip Hop Magician / Buick

April 22, 2013
ATT uses Familywatchdog.us to hire their next spokes person, I express my hatrad for the E-trade baby and the Kia Hamsters, we find out who the Hip Hop Magician is, and Shaq makes an acting career comeback after his 1996 film, Kazaam.

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